Vitalize helps your company innovate with the latest gamification methods, workshop concepts and certification!

We can help you moving towards a Circular Economy, step-by-step.




Based on a recognised high-impact Circular Game, Wizeimpact offers workshops aiming at exposing company employees to the concept of Circular Economy: resource management, innovation and business models are being discussed in teams during the workshop. Numerous ideas and concepts come from the employees themselves (experts in their own fields) for future implementation.

Contact us to book gaming sessions for employees, partners and suppliers!




In opposition to forecasting, backcasting is a method that starts with the desirable goals of you company in mind. Working backwards, Wizeimpact will help you to identify immediate actions, policies, programmes and principles that the CEO and management team should adopt in the short-term thanks to the understanding of the long-term goals. Backcasting will help you move soundly into the adoption of successful circular business models and products-of-service of tomorrow.

Backcasting sessions are a series of half-day sessions involving top management teams. Contact us for more details.



MATERIAL FLOW ANALYSIS (Industrial Ecology & Urban Metabolism)

Material flow analysis (MFA) is an analytical method to quantify flows of materials in a specific system (industrial or urban zones for instance). Typical applications of MFA include the study of material, substance, or product flows across different industrial sectors or within ecosystems. MFA can also be applied to a single industrial installation, for example, for tracking nutrient flows through a waste water treatment plant.

At Wizeimpact, we use MFA to help us re-design an industrial or urban zones according to Circular Principles.




Learn about Design for Disassembly (DfD) strategies by tearing down electronics and diverse products we consume today. Share your views on material choices and develop possible new ideas for re-designing these products with a lesser environmental impact and greater financial resilience. During this lab session we will discuss about system complexity and the reason why products need to be re-designed according to the rules of a Circular Economy.

Organise a tear-down of your products, and let’s implement circular design & disassembly! More info…