Creating Value is great, proving it is better!

By understanding whether your company creates or destroys value and/or Circular Value Wizeimpact helps companies, social enterprises, governments, NGOs or Impact Investors take informed decisions.




1. We prove you have an IMPACT (positive or negative outcomes) on your stakeholders

2. We monetise the CHANGE (accounting for value) on your stakeholders


Why do we do that?


Our business world and public organisation need to better understand what could possibly happen on their stakeholders as a result of a specific programme or project design. Taking decisions solely on financial statements and targets gives only skewed views on the reality.

By understanding that for every $1 you have invested in your project, you could generate $2, $3 or $4 of value you will be better informed on expected returns.


Value Creation


Businesses and Governments are the globe are looking at ways to create Shared Value (according to M. Porter and M. Kramer). But how do we prove that Shared Value has been generated? How do we tell the better story of value to our shareholders and extended stakeholders?

SROI (Social Return On Investment) is a business decision tool that helps manage risks, monitor project, and visualise where more value can be created next!


Wizeimpact employs Accredited Social Return On Investment (SROI) practitioners that are trained by The SROI Network International (now Social Value International).


Only corporate members of The SROI Network can display this logo:  Wizeimpact SROI Membership Logo_240


Understand the value you create.

Request your SROI Impact Assessment today.



Creating Jobs in your Country? Understand how to Value Labour.


Our economies – be it from emerged or emerging countries – seem to falter. How far down the cost line are we ready to go to please customers with the lowest prices at an acceptable quality? What are the numerous hidden costs of cheaper productions? Learn how to implement a strategy that values the people from a Circular Economic viewpoint.

In an April 2015 Swedish based research The Club of Rome has confirmed the huge societal impact (jobs, health, financial, collaborative, etc.) that a Circular Economy could have on countries economics and societies. At Wizeimpact we have led the discussion on valuing human activities by unleashing manpower to rebuild our ecosystem and maintain the value of our technosphere as explained here.

Understand why shifting to Circular Business Models & to a Manpower centered Circular Economy could bring answers to job creation.