Wizeimpact offers to turn wealth-centred linear businesses into Value-focused Circular Ventures™ (VCV).


Strategize focuses on redefining or adapting corporate business models to the nascent framework of the Circular Economy while making sure that actors of such new economy focus on value creation instead of the limited search for self-wealth creation.



Circularize your Business, today!

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Materials and energy costs will keep rising given the pressures on raw material markets since 2000 and the predictions for the years to come. While most governments are working on a shift to national energy mix the scarcity of our resources will continue to accelerate while prices on the financial markets will increase. By shifting to one of the many circular models you will protect your business from market fluctuations.

Step 1. We will redefine your strategy & shift business models for increased resiliency.
Methods: Backcasting, Innovative workshops with supply chain experts, Circular Strategies


A Circular Economy provides several ways to innovate generating more financial returns per product. Market surveys show that the potential for adopting such model could close the expected virgin resource gap while developing higher returns and tighter customer relationships.

Step 2. We will explore the ecosystem-thinking approach to increase your revenues.
Methods: Externalities identification, Solutions sourcing, Partner clusters, Eco-design




Focus on Value Creation, be part of the change!

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What is success? The amount of revenues generated through the years or the change you have positively created with your customers or citizens? A company or a government exists because they are part of an ecosystem that aims at the improvement of our societies. If this is not the case time has come to ask the right questions and measure impact to tell us how well you are doing.

Step 3. We will monitor & evaluate your complete return on circular investment
Methods: Circularity indicators, Optimization of Circular Value, Monitoring & Evaluation


At Wizeimpact we care about your business objectives and consumption. Both have a strong correlation with our impact on climate change. We believe business resilience can be increased while avoiding a circular consumption rebound (based on the research “Circular Economy Rebound” by Zink & Geyer, 2017). To achieve this goal, Wizeimpact promote the Ex’Tax Project as this is considered as step 1 into our vision of inserting a Humansphere in the Circular Economy “Butterfly Diagram”. A well-balance relation between the biosphere, the humansphere and the technosphere could be our answer to creating genuine long-lasting value resulting in higher business resilience.

Step 4. We will do a sensitivity analysis to find sweet spots where value can be created.
Methods: Optimization of Circular Value, Circular 2.0 Innovations




Business-as-Usual (BAU) is no longer an option. Be different, try new pathways.

Develop your Circular Competitive Advantages!