Theory of Change

Theory of Change (ToC) is a planning & evaluation method to increase social/environmental impact while defining long-/medium-/short-term goals. By mapping outcomes backwards you will generate an outcomes pathway that will give you from short to long term objectives to reach out to the ultimate desired goal or change.
ToC can be used by Governments, Corporate or NGO/NPO alike. This is best used in a project or programme management scheme (CSI, CSR, Sustainability, Public Service, etc.). Theory of Change is applied in Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology.
This half-day workshop will give you all the necessary tools and steps to define your own ToC and create the desired change on the targeted population.






Type: conference workshop/boot camp


Duration: 4 hours


Learning outcomes: great understanding of the concept of Theory of Change, overview of impact assessment SROI technique & hands-on ToC exercises


Concept readiness:  if interest is confirmed, attend Advanced S.R.O. Professional and, read: DYI SROI Guide (by The SROI Network)


Trainer Credentials: Accredited SROI Practitioner


Trainee profile: M&E managers, CSI programme managers, CSR/Sustainability officers, marketing/communication managers, NGO project managers, Governmental service leads


Availability: Now


Geography: EMEA Region


Delivery format: 

1. In-House/On-Demand; ‚

2. Open-Class: see below date(s)/place(s); ƒ

3. Pre-/Post-Conferences; „

4. During Conferences;

5. Online/Distance Learning: 1 Module;



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