Social Return Officer™

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Social Return Officer™ (S.R.O.) is a training that will provide you with the basic tools that you will need to understand ways to measure your Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes. During this one day course your will learn why measuring programme impact is critical, follow the 7 Principles of the SROI Methodology and understand ways to use an Impact Map.






Type: standalone training or attached to a conference/event


Duration: 1 day


Learning outcomes: understand how to measure your Sustainability, CSR or CSI programmes, implement the 7 principles of SROI, use of an SROI Impact Map for calculations


Concept readiness: ability to read analysis & understand, additional mandatory reading for implementation: DYI SROI Guide (by The SROI Network)


Trainer Credentials: Accredited SROI Practitioner


Trainee profile: Sustainability Officer, CSR Manager, Head of CSI Programmes


Availability: Now


Geography: EMEA Region


Delivery format options:

1. In-House/On-Demand; ‚

2. Open-Class: see below date(s)/place(s); ƒ

3. Pre-/Post-Conferences;

4. Online/Distance Learning: 2 modules @different dates + test;




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S.R.O. Info & Booking (Proforma Invoice & EFT Info)


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