Innovate within a Circular Economy™


The Circular Business Model Innovation Map (or CBMI Map)


Innovate Within a Circular Economy™ is a workshop explaining why a linear economy no longer works and why businesses have to make the shift soonest. This workshop helps you to understand the characteristics of your current operating model, highlight potential risks and suggest avenues for solutions. Step-by-step you will be requested to move away from a linear perspective, and come up with a new value proposition for your customers and partners.

The Circular Business Model Innovation Map (or CBMI Map) will be the backbone of the workshop discussions and interactions.






Type: conference workshop/boot camp


Duration: 4 hours


Learning outcomes: ability to develop a circular reasoning to innovate within your company


Concept readiness: understanding of a Circular Economy advantages. Prior to populate the Circular B.M. Map, coupling this workshop with the Advanced C.E.O. Professional™ training could be a good idea, to fully grasp the in-depth concept of the circular economy.


Trainer credentials: Highly Commended in Circular Economy Leadership (World Economic Forum – WEF), Guest Member of the Circular Economy Task Force 2016 (Young Global Leaders, WEF), co-founder: the African Circular Economy Network (ACE Network)


Trainee profile: CxO, Government Representative, CSR Manager, Sustainability Officer, Marketing & Communication Manager, Sales Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Innovation Manager


Availability: Now


Geography: EMEA Region


Delivery format options:

1. In-House/On-Demand; ‚

2. Open-Class: see below dates(s)/place(s); ƒ

3. Pre-/Post-Conferences; „

4. During Conferences;

5. Online/Distance Learning: 1 Module;


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