Design-for-Disassembly Lab



Learn about Design for Disassembly (DfD) strategies by tearing down electronics and diverse products we consume today. Share your views on material choices and develop possible new ideas for re-designing these products with a lesser environmental impact and greater financial resilience. During this lab session we will discuss about system complexity and the reason why products need to be re-designed according to the rules of a Circular Economy.






Type: conference workshop/boot camp


Duration: 4 hours


Learning outcomes: understand the concept of Design for Disassembly (DfD), ability to change the way products are designed, improve product durability & increase financial returns


Concept readiness: ready to develop products that generate several cash-flows


Trainer credentials: Highly Commended in Circular Economy Leadership (World Economic Forum – WEF), Guest Member of the Circular Economy Task Force 2016 (Young Global Leaders, WEF)


Trainee profile: Product Manager, Engineer, Architect, Bio-chemist, Designer, Operation Manager, Sustainability Officer, Marketing Manager


Availability: Now


Geography: EMEA Region


Delivery format options:

1. In-House/On-Demand; ‚

2. Pre-/Post-Conferences;

3. During Conferences;


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