Circular ‘K’areers™




Circular ‘K’areers™ is designed for high-school students in a period where they have to make key decisions about their future careers. Whichever your career choice(s) the principles and concepts of a Circular Economy will influence you: in economics, in biology, in physics, in management, in education, and so on… To be better ‘equipped’ we have designed two half-day workshops so that you know better!







Type: in-class


Duration: 8 hours over two mornings (timing to be agreed with the Secondary School)


Learning outcomes: ability to understand why a Circular Economy will change our future behaviour and apply its Principles in tertiary studies.


Trainee profile: High-School students


Availability: Now


Geography: Europe


Delivery format options:

1. In-School/On-Demand; ‚


Info: Circular ‘K’areers™ (Secondary Schools)


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