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The Advanced Social Return Officer Professional™ (A.S.R.O.P.) is a business minded in-depth learning experience where you will cover all 7 steps and 7 Principles of the SROI Methodology. On top of this you will be immersed in a two hour long SROI case where you will be asked to apply the learning covered during a day-and-a-half. This two day practical training is ideal for companies, governments and NGO professionals who are asked to concretely measure their programmes, projects or services impact. It is ideal for entities expected to use SROI straight after the training as a tool for programme social return(s).






Type: standalone training


Duration: 2 days


Learning outcomes: ability to set-up project KPIs, tell a better story to investors on Creating Shared Value (CSV), ways to prove a social enterprise, a public service or NGO project create value beyond original investment, help a business improves its stakeholder engagement process & sustainability approaches.


Concept readiness: ready to implement SROI, optional reading: DYI SROI Guide (by The SROI Network)


Trainer Credentials: Accredited SROI Practitioner


Trainee profile: CxO, Sustainability Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation Expert, Governmental Service lead, Head of Social Impact, Programme/Project Manager, Accountant, Head of Strategy, International Organisation Officer, Head of NGO/NPO/Association


Availability: Now


Geography: EMEA Region


Delivery format options:

1. In-House/On-Demand; ‚

2. Open-Class: see below date(s)/place(s);

3. Online/Distance Learning: 4 Modules @different dates + test;



They liked this training! Join us today!


“Thank you for what was a very insightful training program. It is going to be quite useful in how we make our Corporate Responsibility Investment in the new year and beyond.”


Johnny Moloto, Head of Corporate Affairs & Government Relations



The SROI method is a very recent concept in France. Alex has managed to bring it to us in a highly professional way, taking into account all our very French centered questions and fears.

The training is very comprehensive: we move into the methodology step-by-step to end with a real case, helping us apply the learning with a practical tool!

I highly recommend this training, easily accessible for anyone and a great learning. 


Marie Libert, Social Innovation, Department of Social Activities



“Thank you for the course it was an eye-opener and it will go a long-way to assist us in enhancing our methodology.”


Lufuno Raliphada, Senior Manager: Public Policy & Shareholder Relations



“Through the Social Return on Investment tool (SROI) we can finally today measure, assess and most importantly value the internal and external activities that the Bank is undergoing under the Sustainability umbrella”


Isabelle Naoum, Head of Communications Department



“Alex does an excellent job of imparting the SROI principles and methodology through his training. His extensive experience in this arena ensures that the participants gain a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges of measuring SROI.

The course offers the opportunity to work with real world projects and to calculate the SROI for these – as such, participants are provided with an excellent foundation for SROI measurement in their own work situations”.


Damian Watson, Senior Consultant



The Wizeimpact SROI course is interactive, relevant and insightful. The theory is introduced in a high practical manner, which helps to see how the approach can be used in everyday work”.

Mishkah Jakoet – Senior Associate in the Development Diagnostics and Results Practice



“In my work as a consultant for, mentor, and evaluator in various competitions for social businesses, there is always the challenge of correctly assessing the proposed social benefits and value of the various businesses. This two-day training provided me with a methodology and thought process to use, even if I do not want to go through the entire rigorous process of a detailed assessment.”


Ziad Haddara, Expert on Youth Development and Social Entrepreneurship






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