Accredited SROI Practitioner

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Accredited Social Return On Investment (SROI) Practitioner is the official two day training delivered according to The SROI Network criteria. This training is dedicated to trainees willing to use SROI as professional experts.

To become accredited a practitioner has to:

1. attend this two day training;

2. join the SROI Network as a member;

3. submit a SROI report that will be assured by The SROI Network (now called Social Value International).

Once all three stages are achieved the trainee will become an Accredited SROI Practitioner (approx. 6-8 months process).






Type: standalone training


Duration: 2 days


Learning outcomes: in-depth understanding of all 7 Principles and Methodology, hands-on with a fictional SROI Model, good comprehension to prepare for a concrete analysis


Concept readiness: ready to implement, mandatory reading: DYI SROI Guide (by The SROI Network)


Trainer Credentials: Accredited SROI Trainer


Trainee profile: CEO, Sustainability Officer, CSR Manager, Social Expert, Government Representative, NGO


Availability: Now


Delivery format: Open-Class (please request information from the below email link)


Accreditation: upon completion of a certified SROI analysis/report & SROI Network membership


Geography: South Africa





Accredited SROI Practitioner Info & Booking


Download: Accredited SROI Practitioner Training ID Card


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