Accounting for Value Creation™

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Accounting for Value Creation™, beyond Revenue Recognition is a 4 hour  workshop that introduces the main idea behind measuring the Impact that your company, its products, its services and/or its programs are having on your employees, suppliers, citizens, customers or any stakeholders gravitating around them. SROI helps understand the value you generate beyond the financial returns.






Type: conference workshop/boot camp


Duration: 4 hours


Learning outcomes: great overview of the SROI methodology/principles, understand why measuring impact according to the SROI Principles, Methodology & Impact Map


Concept readiness:  if interest is confirmed, attend Advanced S.R.O. Professional™ and, read: DYI SROI Guide (by The SROI Network, now called Social Value International)


Trainer Credentials: Accredited SROI Practitioner


Trainee profile: CEO, CxO, marketing/communication managers, NGO leaders, Governmental officers


Availability: Now


Geography: EMEA Region


Delivery format: 

1. In-House/On-Demand; ‚

2. Open-Class: see below date(s)/place(s); ƒ

3. Pre-/Post-Conferences; „

4. During Conferences;

5. Online/Distance Learning: 1 Module;


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“We thoroughly enjoyed the SROI workshop facilitated by Alex – we gained some key insights and subsequently enrolled one of our consultants for a two day training course.”

Deon Wessels, SSA Mining Sector and Social Team Lead





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