Our Team of Experts

At Wizeimpact we work with opened minded people looking at making a positive impact in our economies putting the people and the environment at its core. At Wizeimpact we do not talk about triple-bottom line. All our projects embed the approach of understanding impact, creating values and shifting systems and current business-as-usual approaches into innovative concepts.


We believe that valuing people, their environment and their economies is a priority.

We believe that decisions should be based on value creation away from just the financial returns.

We believe that systems are all circular, thus our economic system should follow this key principle.



Our team is composed of:


Alex Lemille, founder

Alex Lemille



Circular Economy 1.0 & 2.0 | Outcomes Valuation (impact)


Alex is the founder of Wizeimpact, a for-purpose company that leverages business-as-a-powerful-tool to address our societal and environmental challenges. Alex is expert in the fields of circular economy, business model innovation, corporate impact assessment, social entrepreneurship, thrivability training and CSR reporting. Alex graduated from Hult MBA, Boston, MA, USA in 2013 and holds several degrees in circular economy, thrivability, business ethics and international development.


Alex has recently received the “Highly Commended” recognition for his Leadership in Circular Economy with a social impact (Circular Economy 2.0) from the World Economic Forum – Young Global Leaders (The Circulars 2016).


Lydia Zingoni, Associate Consultant, Social Impact

Lydia Zingoni



Entrepreneurship |Corporate Impact Assessment


Lydia Zingoni is Founder and Director of SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation. She has worked for several years as an Information specialist in The United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Her passion has been and still is to instill the young minds to a culture of entrepreneurship. Through SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation Lydia’s dream is create entrepreneurial programmes, Plant entrepreneurial societies in Schools and drive entrepreneurship programs from the grassroots, and seed networks that will penetrate to teenagers into all provinces.


She holds several degrees in Economic History, Information management, and marketing.



Paul Hoekman, Associate Consultant, Material Flow

Paul Hoekman



Material Flow Analysis | Urban Metabolism | Circular Economy


Paul has over 15 years of experience in web development and has set up several companies over the years. He has now shifted his focus to the field of urban metabolism and combines this with his experience in IT to develop tools aimed at measuring and improving the resource intensity of systems.


Paul has an MPhil degree in Environmental Science from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. 



Melissa Sikosana, Associate Consultant, Systems Analyst

Melissa Sikosana



Biomimicry | Environmental Process Systems | Systems analyst


Melissa’s background in Chemical Engineering gives her a firm grasp of process design and problem solving, but her real passion comes from applying that knowledge to highlight the vital link between eco-technologies, environment, society and the economy (Circular Economy).  She is an expert in the fields of biomimetic systems and design thinking (water, urban and industrial infrastructure).
Melissa graduated from the University of Cape Town with an MSc. in Chemical Engineering. In 2014 she was awarded the International Green Talents (team award) under the German Federal Ministry of Education & Research.



Joshua Palfreman, Associate Consultant, Waste Management

Joshua Palfreman



Waste Management | Recycling | Non Motorised Transport


Joshua is a freelance urban planning consultant with a background in waste management, recycling and road planning.


He holds an MSc. in Environmental Management and over seven years of work experience in East and Southern Africa. 


Alejandra Arismendi, Associate Consultant, Cradle-to-Cradle™



Social Innovation | Design Strategies | Cradle-to-Cradle™


Alejandra is an industrial designer who has been involved for many years in designing and commercializing products made by vulnerable population.


She is also an expert in remaking products from previously used ones, according to the Cradle-to-Cradle™ certification process and notion.