Our Forward-Thinking Vision

With its process of refocusing corporate mindset on value creation Wizeimpact aims at changing the way we do business with the vision of regenerating ecosystems we live in, via stimulated innovations, thus growing businesses in true beneficial ways.


To achieve our value proposition we are focusing our effort solely on breakthrough concepts i.e. away from the tools that focuses on clever communication campaigns rather than really changing the way business is done. Although Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) can help organisations at the beginning of their responsible journey Wizeimpact goes beyond by helping companies implement on their next competitive advantages, that will – at the same time – reduce their environmental footprint.


The two main axis are: 1. Value creation through the measurement of corporate social impact (using SROI as the tool) and 2. Circular Economy where companies are adapting their business models according to its principles.


Marrying the two together Wizeimpact is uniquely promoting the concept of Circular Economy 2.0 (or Valued Circular Economy™) where the three people-focused axis are:

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  • People-Inclusiveness (Accessing Needs for All)
  • People-Value Creation (Accessing More with Less)
  • People-Well Being (Accessing Secured Incomes)



In a Circular Economy 2.0, the principle of [Poverty =Waste]™ applies i.e. both are seen as externalities of our wrongly designed systems. Both have to be designed out.


The idea that a Circular Economy will have an huge positive impact on our societies, the environment in which we live and related poverty patterns has been develop by Wizeimpact since the promotion of Circular Economy by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


This concept was presented at the Disruptive Festival (thinkDIF.co) in November 2015 and was shortlisted for ‘The Circulars 2016’, the world’s premier circular economy awards. Circular Economy 2.0 will be debated on November 22nd 2016 during the DIF Festival Big Day 1 in the Netherlands (TU Delft University).